Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cornwall Council Has (no) Talent

Today, squeezed in between two normal meetings, I joined a number of fellow councillors and staff from the Democratic Services section to perform a Nativity Play. This was part of the annual Cornwall Council Has (not) Got Talent competition, which raises money for Children in Need.

The narrator was Cllr Andrew Wallis was an angel! I was one of the three "not-so-wise" men played by three of the group leaders (see below). The others were the Lib Dem's Cllr Jeremy Rose and Cllr John Wood from the Independents.

My deputy leader Cllr Andrew Long played the donkey with great gusto (see below). Other councillors involved included Joyce Duffin as Mary, Bernie Ellis as the innkeeper and Lisa Dolley as a sheep, while Sally Bain played a triangle.

Thanks to Andrew Wallis for the photographs. For more images, see http://www.cllrandrewwallis.co.uk.

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