Saturday, 16 February 2008

Sign the MK petition

Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has launched a petition against proposals in the ‘Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West’ to massively increase house-building in Cornwall.

I hope that you will join us in making sure that thousands of people sign the petition in order to leave the various authorities (both elected and unelected) in no doubt about the strength of feeling in Cornish communities.

The petition states the following:

The SW Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) aims to massively increase house-building in Cornwall.

· We object to the construction of 68,700 new properties in the next twenty years which would mean the equivalent of one new house for every four existing properties in Cornwall.

· This will have an unacceptable impact on our environment, Cornwall’s communities and infrastructure.

· We, the undersigned, call on central government to allow Cornwall’s democratically elected representatives to decide what is right for our area and to deliver a housing strategy that focuses on providing affordable homes to meet local needs, instead of promoting unsustainable house-building for its own sake.



Andy Phillips said...

Could this still be imposed on us if we had an assembly? If not, then we'd better get our skates on!

John said...

No one doubts that Cornwall with an Assembly would be every bit as successful as Luxembourg or Jersey. How likely is this to be achieved?

In 2005/6 Wales had just under 8000 completions of new houses with similar figures for the previous ten years. They have 6500 Quality standard social houses planned over the next four years, that is, a sustainable policy including affordable houses for local people.

The equivalent figure for Cornwall is 3400 houses per year for twenty years assuming even development and with no evidence of any protection for local people?

Perhaps Cornwall needs the protection of a National Border at Tamar even if its not the one you would eventually like. Seek to become a detached county of Wales and gain their protection and other advantages. St Piran's Cross, even with a very small red dragon in the corner is better than no St Pirran's at all.

Best wishes Cousin Jack.